Construction Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth...

At Synergy Construction Group we believe we have a duty to operate our business as environmentally friendly and sustainably as we can, meeting the requirements of today whilst being mindful of the effects on the future.

We set out to achieve this by being open minded and responsible when choosing suppliers and sourcing materials, accompanied by our conscientious approach to viewing waste as an opportunity to repurpose, reuse or recycle before it gets skipped!  Even then, we only use waste management companies that don’t send everything directly to landfill and are committed to recycling and resource recovery. 

The Synergy team believes that our planet's resources are precious and our environment really does matter now and for future generations.   If you think like us and are looking for a contractor to work with you on your project today whilst thinking of the impact on our planet for tomorrow,  just give us a call to see how we can help.

As part of our environmentally friendly strategy, we partner with Midland Crusher Hire, who offers an onsite recycling service for a wide variety of inert wastes ready to reuse.